Over the years my passion for photography has grown into a profession. I became a qualified photojournalist and started to publish articles and photo essays about remote destinations in magazines such as the Földgömb (magazine of the Hungarian Geographic Society), The Explorer and the Inter Press Magazin.

In August 2008, my wife and I moved to New Zealand, where alongside all the hard physical work we gained many new travel experiences. After one and a half adventurous years in the Pacific region, we flew to Thailand, settled down in Bangkok, where for 18 months we taught English at a local high school. Currently, we are living in Budapest. I teach English and work as a tour guide.

I consider myself a travelling photographer, one that arrives by bus, boat or plane, one that watches, observes, and sniffs the air. One that makes friends, tastes and tries out new things, then looks for the best composition and tries to press the shutter button at the right time.